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What Ever It Is We Call Ourselves

20 AUGUST 2017

7pm & 9pm

Mime Centrum Berlin

Dance Performances by:

Ekko I — Lisa Colette Bysheim
THIN SKIN — SheenRu Yong with E. Spencer Agoston

Ekko I — 
Every body has a story; we are accumulations of experiences. Like a canvas that has been layered with paint, impressions, and forms, we are able to peel away one layer at a time to discover another beneath. Ekko I is a solo that explores the different dimensions of echo within the body, space, time and movement. Inspired from a personal journey, this intimate performance explores how our past experiences affect who we are in the present, helping us define our future choices. The space opens up for the audience to experience a personal exploration about identity and gender, as told by the performer. 

Funded with support from Bergen Kommune, Bergen Dansesenter -regional kompetansesenter for dans.

THIN SKIN & the topography of time —
Replete with techno, waltz, lullabies and superheroes, THIN SKIN is an exploration of the layers we put on and take off over the course of a lifetime - in our daily choices, our relationships, even in the creative process itself. What do we allow to be seen? Through a different-every-time intimate showing designed for a small audience, viewers are invited into the studio to experience a personal unveiling of our softest selves.

FREE - donations welcome


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THIN SKIN & the risk of resonance


28 February • 7 & 9pm

What do we allow to be seen? 

In the first solo & duet iterations of THIN SKIN, we explored vulnerability through a personal unveiling of our softest selves. Through a residency at Kaka'ako Agora and a community workshop-performance project, we've expanded the narrative from personal to collective, looking at the layers we use to divide, define, and protect ourselves.

By revealing ourselves, can we see & feel the other? In this politically charged climate, how can we actively create experiences of empathic resonance?

Please join us for the culminating performance-installation on February 28th. 

Produced by Kala Roots.

Kaka'ako Agora, 441 Cooke Street, Honolulu.


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